Patrick Ewing

Kiwanis International Trustee
and Career Public Servant





“Leadership is demonstrated integrity, clear vision, and unwavering dedication
to promoting the interests of the organization and the people it represents.”





After he gave a powerful speech about how we are difference makers and world changers because we are Kiwanis members, Patrick was elected to serve as International Trustee at the Kiwanis International Convention in Vancouver BC on June 28, 2013.  He had received enthusiastic and unanimous endorsement votes by the Pacific Northwest District’s International Leadership Committee, Past Lt. Governors Association, Past Governors Committee, Board of Trustees, and House of Delegates. 

Patrick He credits the efforts of hundreds of dedicated campaign volunteers for making his campaign successful.  The election campaign officially kicked off on October 1, 2012, but the culmination was when over a hundred yellow-shirted volunteers campaigned for him on the Friday of International Convention.  Patrick and his campaign team are very thankful for the many Kiwanians who helped make the campaign a success – Kiwanians not just from the Pacific Northwest District but from other districts as well. 

If you would like more information about Patrick, please explore this website and his campaign brochure. 



“Leadership must begin and end with respect for members;
it is vital not just to consider the goals of the organization,
but how the organization meets the goals of the member.”



He’s Already Working for You.

2013/14 District And Committee Assignments

International Counselor

Patrick has already begun working with the Governor-Elects of three districts:

·        Kansas

·        New England

·        Rocky Mountain

He will be attending their District Conventions, as well as the Pacific Northwest District Convention, in August 2013.

International Board Member

Patrick will be serving on two international committees: 

·        His appointment to the Membership, Growth, and Education Committee builds on his experience as a past District Growth Chair and International Growth Chair for the Americas.  Patrick looks forward to exploring ways to promote the organization, enhance membership, and improve education. 

·        His appointment to the Audit and Finance Committee builds on his professional finance experience examining the budgets of multi-billion dollar governmental organizations.  He looks forward to exploring ways to promote sound, multi-year fiscal planning and exploring opportunities to develop non-dues revenue streams.

Patrick’s first board meeting will be held in Indianapolis in the first week of October 2013. 



“If you want a standing ovation as a leader:


Respect others, including their talents, perspective, and motivations.

Inspire them to strive for success. 
Support their efforts, providing them with the resources they need. 
Encourage them as they work toward their goals,
and then
APPLAUD them for their achievements. 

...for that is the definition of a standing ovation: to RISE and APPLAUD.”